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Darryl Lenox - CEO

Darryl is a seasoned comic and entertainment entrepreneur having spent decades performing at the best clubs, theaters, and festivals in North America, along with radio and television productions. His extensive experience resonates from his grass roots of stage performance to honing skills in club & talent partnerships, negotiations, public relations, writing and producing. He has made appearances on Conan O'Brien, Comedy Central, WTF with Marc Maron, Starz, BET, and A&E. His standup special "Blind Ambition" was filmed at The Vogue Theater in Vancouver and was picked up by the Starz network. He just released a new album "Super Bloom" on December 2021 which can be found on Apple, Amazon, Spotify,  and Pandora.



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Neil Ferguson - CDO


Neil is responsible for the acquisition & development of creative assets at Ellison Rains. He studied at Herron School of Art & Design and received an Engineering degree from Purdue University. Neil began his career in broadcasting before shifting into acquisitions and franchise development. Assisting companies implement branded development projects with organizations such as Smallcakes, 9round, Johnson-Melloh, and American Homes 4 rent.



Suzanne Stewart - COO

Suzanne is the heartbeat within our operation. She is the bridge that connects our diverse team of professionals located in the US & Canada. 


A native of Africa but now calls Vancouver, BC. her home. She enjoys a challenge and the work behind innovation. She joins us after raising three sons and building her own family business in merchandising for Harley Davidson Canada, gaining extensive knowledge in operations. For her this is a love story, a love for humor, a love for humanity, and a love for those who believe in making dreams come true. The world needs a bloody good laugh. 


Corporate Values

Surrounded by a diverse group of professionals from every angle of the industry. Our connections in talent, marketing, productions, programming, app development, merchandising, retail management, and finance guide our course for success. 

  • Customer Experience – We will always elevate our customers' experience, keeping them surprised, excited, and laughing.

  • Revenue Growth – We focus on company growth and profitability. We know we can transform people worldwide by making comedy in all forms more accessible.

  • Return on Investment – We are committed to investing our time, energy, and money for our investment partners and each team member.

  • Strategic Partners – Our success comes from our ability to form mutually beneficial partnerships with others. We seek a WIN-WIN result for every collaboration.

  • Talent Magnet – We attract world class talent within all levels of our organization. We have an international reputation for attracting top-notch talent both internally and externally to every comedian that we represent or any content we produce.

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